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Cobaea “Cup and Saucer” Vine Seeds (10 Seeds)

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Cobaea scandens is a fantastic vining annual producing 2” bell-shaped purple blooms on 8” stems. (Hold blooms upside down to see why they’re nicknamed “cup and saucers.”)

Cut into the beautiful violet-tinged vine for extra stem length on cut flowers. If harvested when well hydrated, these lush, twirling vines and blooms hold very well out of water for design work.  

Packet contains 10 seeds.

Cobaea scandens.

Germination: Soak seeds for 8 hours, start over 70°F heat or direct sow when soil is warm. Transplant into garden after danger of frost. Requires support system. Grows 15’-20’ in a season. Seeds are not readily self-sowing or invasive for us. Final spacing min. 12” apart.

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