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Triple Wren Farms

Flower Steam Facial

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Enjoy glowing skin year round with our Flower Steam Facial, made with dried flower petals, herbs, and berries from Triple Wren Farms.

We've bottled up 8 oz of summer at the flower farm for your aromatherapy and skin treatment needs! 

You can get spa-like results at home: First, cleanse your face. Add 2oz of Flower Steam Facial blend to a bowl of gently steaming water. Hold your face about 8"-12" above the bowl for 2-4 minutes to open pores and detoxify skin. For a more intense session, drape a tea towel over your head to capture more of the mood-boosting floral aromatherapy and flower-infused steam. Steam once a week before a more intensive cleansing routine.

Note: Sensitive skin types, especially those with rosacea, should treat their skin cautiously with only minimal steam. If you have sensitive skin, steam with lukewarm water, or consider skipping the towel “steam tent” for a less-invasive approach. If irritation or persistent redness occurs, discontinue use. 

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you concerned about an existing skin condition,  consult a doctor before use. 

Ingredients include rose petals, dahlia petals, chamomile, chocolate mint, lemon verbena, stock matthiola, eucalyptus, and viburnum berry.

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