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Novice Hybridizer Dahlia Application

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Applications open fall 2024. As more home gardeners begin to save and grow seeds, we have received requests from many novice hybridizers asking how to tell the world about the dahlias they’ve grown. 

Our flower friends asking for advice all have one or more of the following things in common:

  1. They’re new to bringing a dahlia into the public spotlight
  2. They don’t have the space or capacity to grow out larger quantities of their new dahlia so that it can be offered widely
  3. They don’t have an existing market to tell about their dahlia
  4. They don’t have a customer support team, shipping team, marketing team, etc. to support their dahlia sales.

If you find yourself in the situation of having an amazing, beautiful, new dahlia that you’d like to share with gardeners all over the U.S., but are coming up against any of these barriers, we now have a solution for you!

Triple Wren is now accepting applications to join our Novice Hybridizer Program. You can apply to have your best dahlia(s) spend a year with us at Triple Wren Farms to undergo field trials, propagation trials, and third-party evaluations. 

There is a limit of one dahlia per application, but a hybridizer may submit as many applications as they choose.

Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2024.

The application requires that you own the rights to the dahlia you’re submitting, that you have not already begun distributing or selling it, that you have at least two full seasons of observation, photos, and detailed notes for the dahlia(s), that you have at least 10 saved tubers from your dahlia(s) [so that you can send us 4 and keep a minimum of 6 to grow and continue observing in your own garden], and that you agree to allow Triple Wren Farms to evaluate and provide feedback on your dahlia(s).

The application process is smooth and easy and only costs $99 per dahlia! (Wondering why there's a fee? It’s to cover the costs of admin, evaluation, and growing for a season at TWF. We’ve made it as affordable as possible!)

All dahlias that meet the application criteria will be accepted, and at the end of their first growing season will either be graduated into a sales track at the farm (with an agreement to pay generous royalties to the original creators, just like our Legacy Program!), or if a dahlias isn’t selected to be in the program, we’ll ship the hybridizer back all the tubers that were grown at Triple Wren.